Rodolphe Gélin

Rodolphe Gélin



Teaching privacy to domestic robots


It is clear that robots’ roles in our everyday lives are growing and we will share things with them more and more intimately. This is not mere science fiction but almost reality and certainty in the near future for developed countries. This need for adopting technology is clear due to many socio-economic drivers and so how delicate issues should be handled need to be explored to develop suitable approaches as robots are electro-mechanical entities with their own intelligence (that is already present in other devices such as smart phones). To be efficient, the intelligence known as “degree of autonomy” needs to have access to information that is very sensitive and hence which should be handled carefully to respect privacy. In this keynote, we will present some real-world situations and how robot manufacturers may include intelligence in realising robot systems bearing in mind such sensitive issues.

Brief Bio:

Rodolphe Gelin (1965) started his career at CEA (French Atomic Energy Commission) where he worked for 10 years on mobile robots control for industrial applications and on rehabilitation robotics. There he led different teams working in robotics, virtual reality and cognition. From 2006 to 2008, he was in charge of business development for Interactive System Program. He participated in the European Coordinating Action CARE that supported the ETP EUROP responsible for the definition of the robotic roadmap for the European Community.  In 2009, Rodolphe Gélin joined Aldebaran Robotics as the head of collaborative projects. He is presently the leader of the French project ROMEO that aims to develop a human size humanoid robot and the Research Director at Aldebaran Robotics